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~NK~ "Fear Me" (NGADm Entry) ~NK~ "Fear Me" (NGADm Entry)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Definetely impressed.

Yeah, man Artist to Artist i'm vibing this and your techniques. It's got that UH type a feel with a trippy surprize that catches you off-guard. I like it and personally its my type of style. I am currently working on something for the NG Audio Death Match. Ill see you in the Finals my friend ;)

Sighwave Sighwave

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Short but good.

Decent loop, I like it. What did you use FL Studio + Nexus Plugin? Anyway, it's short could have more variation to it even though its a subtle choir for a menu, you still want something that could sit in the background and not lead them away with a headache after a while. But, indeed it's smooth, relaxing, and good for all types of Flash Game menus. Good work. I rate it a 7.

heather-lanham responds:

it's just a loop I made in audacity. I didn't use any effects, I just layered my voice a lot. :3c thank you!

Enteroar - Your Reflectio Enteroar - Your Reflectio

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good, I like it.

I liked it, it has that trance feel, and I a somewhat catchy melody to it. The transition between Intro to Main Chorus, was a little bit off though, and the transition from 1:40 - 1:52 was too long for a reverse kick fade out. Also, I will add you on facebook and see if I can help you out with the Bass concept.. It is not so much that you need a Loud Clear "Kick". You need the right type of bass, it's the type of bass that makes the car vibrate ;) Which I can hook you up with. Good job though, I rate it an 8.

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Enteroar responds:

I agree >_> I just kinda gave up on this song. Thanks for the review though :D Yea, feel free to add me. Thatd be awesome if you could help me out haha :)

Not the Answer {DJ-Kei} Not the Answer {DJ-Kei}

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Composition was okay.

The melody didn't really do it for me, although the percussion you have the grasp on, and you have an idea on how to merge into the next parts from introduction to main chorus. Id suggest working on your melodies though, and learning how to add more "Bass" to it. Now, I haven't seen any other work of yours, so I will assume this was just some fun or a practice song. But, it was a good practice song for sure. Not much else you could have done with the Demo version haha. Good-job mate.

Kei-4-2 responds:

I hadn't put massive amounts of work into the melody. It was mostly a quick, expressive song. A lot of my work is done by what others ask of me. This one was done off of what I wanted to do, and as I had said in the description, it was very late. Thanks for the review, and I will be trying to improve when I have the time and when things get fixed.
Edit: You know, I go back and listen to my songs at times, and I wonder what I was thinking when I make pieces of crap such as this one...
I'm sure there are some people out there who would like this though, and that's what I aim for. I'm not here to make music everyone likes, too many people do that. I'm here to make music for those people who don't like everything else.